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What made us tick Organic?

Maybe I should start with a story!

Once upon a time when I was just a seven years old boy back in Germay, my mum sent me off to the grocery store to buy milk.

When I went there I didn't know what I was looking for so I had to ask, as we normally got our milk fresh from the farmer in milk cans!

These things haunted me down in my apprenticeship. Food from scratch was the only way, no premix, no little helpers and no colours.

Many years later in 1989 I came to Australia and I'm still a strong believer that the basic foods are the best for us not genetically changed.

Now having my own shop I still love to stick to my basic food which is the best.

So we buy the best produce you can buy - all Australian!

All our flour is freshly stone ground with the highest organic ranking so that as many nutrients stay in there as possible.

Due to my old fashioned beliefs I also bake the old fashioned way. That means I use starter doughs and sour doughs which means early starts like 10.00 pm. We bake on a stone sole oven which gives the bread a nice flavour.

We continually strive to improve and we also try to have healthy treats for our Gluten intolerant customers - like using organic brown rice flour etc.

My commitment to good food is very strong and I believe to tell people the truth - That means if I sell sour dough it is sour dough and if it is only a semi sour I say so as well.

It is very confusing for customerts today due to "sour dough extract" which can be added to the dough to give it that sour dough taste which means people are being cheated when they pay for a sour dough and get a white loaf which sour dough flavour.

In our bakery you get what you see!


Michael Burkhardt is Passionate about his bakery products

Above: Every loaf of deliciously healthy bread gets personnal attention. Below: Fresh from the oven - it's as tasty as it looks!