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Folate InformationFOLATE Vs. FOLIC ACID

Folate and Folic acid are considered essential B vitamins but they are NOT the same.

"Folate" has come to serve as an umbrella term for both the natural Folate and synthetic Folic Acid forms of vitamin B9 that may be found in food and dietary supplements. "Folate" and "Folic Acid" are names that are currently commonly used interchangeably. However, there are important differences and outcomes consequent to how the human body metabolises natural Folate and synthetic Folic Acid, and, to ensure public health and safety is maintained, this must be understood. More - READ THE FULL ARTICLE



Folic Acid - Industry Divided

It became Mandatory for all non-organic bread-making flour to be fortified with folic acid in September 2009. This article looks at the health benefits, risks and implications folic acid will have on the industry.

Thirty-year-old mother of three Rachel Power buys her bread from a bakery and supermarket in Gungahlin, Canberra. Shopping for daughters Jasmine and Jemma and three-month-old son Teddy, she will buy thinly sliced multigrain bread, or perhaps a vienna loaf for herself. If she's in the mood, she may treat herself to cheese and bacon rolls or twists.

While pregnant with her children, Rachel maintained a fairly good diet and increased her intake of leafy vegetables and folate rich foods. Her doctor and her sister, a nurse, both highly recommended she take folic acid and iron supplements in order to prevent neural tube defects (NTD). More - READ THE FULL ARTICLE